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If you are one of RouleMind Losers just leave here a comment.

Do not be afraid of this and simple inform the other about this roulette scam.

I know you all are looking for a way to win on roulette and for sure not for a way to lose.

Anyway I hope this article will help you to win in future.

Here I will talk about a roulette site called RouleMind also about their scam.

Before to start I recommend to read some of my previous articles related to it:

RouleMind Roulette Software Investigation

RouleMind Scam or Not?

Once you read my recommend articles then you are ready to continue learning how to avoid in future losing on roulette.

6 months since my last investigation of RouleMind Scam but the RouleMind Losers become more and more.

What new related to RouleMind losers?

In generally nothing new except some new winners or better to say the same winners and the single difference is the date when the reviews was posted which mean all reviews are in the next interval from 9 September 20017 up to 12 November 2017.

The question is what the winners or losers did in the last year or they started to win only recently?

Another interesting thing is their Cancellation and Refund Policy.

Please read it very carefully in order to understand how you can be scammed.

Related to all other things presented on the site then it is designed for gambling.

There are a lot of tutorials which will help you to gamble.

If you will win or lose just simple ask yourself how lucky you are.

For sure you may be lucky!

But you also may not be so lucky!

Verdict on RouleMind Losers: If you will read my previous articles related to this site then you will understand the whole roulemind losers scam.

What is strange inside RouleMind Losers family?

Just think  people from USA which play on USA casinos still receive their winning in EURO.

Never heard that USA casino players wanna get or even get their winnings in Euro.

Maybe this is the sign that this site is scam!

Another sign of scam is that there only Michael win or won!

Just take a look on RouleMind Losers site source code:



09 Nov, 2017      Michael  Payment Completed     124.95 EUR


09 Nov, 2017             Michael                    Payment Completed<label>            124.95 EUR </label></label>




08 Nov, 2017             Michael                   <label id=”country3“>USA</label>            Payment Completed<label>            124.95 EUR


06 Nov, 2017            Michael                    <label id=”country4“>USA</label>            Payment Completed<label>            324.95 EUR


04 Nov, 2017            Michael                  <label id=”country5“>USA</label>            Payment Completed<label>            324.95 EUR


03 Nov, 2017             Michael                       <label id=”country6“>USA</label>            Payment Completed<label>            324.95 EUR




03 Nov, 2017            Michael                   <label id=”country7“>USA</label>            Payment Completed<label>            324.95 EUR


02 Nov, 2017           Michael                      <label id=”country8“>USA</label>            Payment Completed<label>            724.95 EUR

Wanna know who are the next so called winners but for sure RouleMind Losers?

Again take a look in site source code!

Them will be: var names = [“Christopher”, “Marceau”, “Aaron”, “Michael”, “Adrian”, “Micah”, “Bentley”, “Jeremiah”, “Marian”, “Brandon”, “Nolan”, “Sebastian”,”Akim”, “Alexei”,”Alvaro”, “Andreas”, “Florian”, “Fyodor”, “Guillaume”, “Gwilym”, “Ilya”, “Lucien”, “Mikhail”, “Orion”, “Lauren”, “Pascal”, “Soren”, “Santiago”, “Stellen”, “Tanguy”, “Thierry”, “Tomasz”, “Owen”, “Willem”, “Vasili”, “Zevi”, “Étienne” ];

From which countries are RouleMind Losers?

This is the list: var countries = [“USA”, “Canada”, “United Kindom”, “Russian Federation”, “Italy”, “France”, “Israel”,”Argentina”, “Brazil”, “Germany”, “Japain”,”Turkey”,”Ukraine”, “Norway”, “Austria”, “Poland”, “Malaysia”, “Thailand”, “Spain”, “Switzerland”, ” Czech Republic”, “Egypt, Arab Rep.”, “Morocco”, “Croatia”, “Singapore”, “Netherlands”, “Saudi Arabia”, “Mexico”, “Romania”, “Denmark”, “Argentina” ];

Finally there are no winners and all are Roulemind Losers!

All is hard coded.

So this is 100% scam for all RouleMind losers!

Unfortunately I can place here the direct link to this scam site in order to avoid growing RouleMind Losers database but if you wanna something which I can recommend then take a look on Money Maker Machine Roulette Software.