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If you think Roulegenius scam is something new then you are wrong!

Roulegenius scam is no more than a simple copy of a RouleMind Scam about which I already posted.

Please check my next articles related to RouleMind Scam which 100% apply also to Roulegenius Scam:

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Any proves that we talk about the same scam?

If you are not blind just look on the site interface where the content is almost the same.

So this one is for RouleMind Scam:

Next one is for RouleGenius Scam:

Both sites are registered under the same owner:

This info is for RouleMind Scam:

Next one is for RouleGenius Scam:

Finally this is not the most important thing because the goal of this article was only to warn you.

All scammed roulette players know about RouleMind Scam and they will recognize very easy RouleGenius scam because it is the same.

If you will search on Google for “RouleMind” then there are many articles which prove it is a scam.

If you will search on Google for “RouleGenius” then there soon will appear only this article.

I know they will make soon some other sites but at least we can minimize their profit from scamming.

By the way the last thing is related to their Money Back or Refund procedure:

I will explain how everything will run with RouleGenius Scam Cancellation and Refund Policy.

The first is that 3 days is not enough to make there any money.

Even if you will try to win there something then you for sure will lose due to different reasons like: you did not read something or you did something wrong or you did not played where RouleGenius Scam want or you do not have a specific casino balance.

Does not matter what you will do and how you will do because RouleGenius will find a lot of reasons to not give you this refund.

Better forgot about refund from RouleGenius scam and warn other about this by posting direct link to our site which contain other more than 100 roulette scams articles.

Soon I will write another article related to social sites where such type of scams are hardly exposed.

I saw different prediction roulette software but RouleGenius is 100% scam.

Why to not try AVSB or AVSB Pro where you can develop by yourself your own prediction algorithm?

Do not expect somebody will do for you your own home job!