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Roule Genius Scam was recently Updated in order to scam more people.

Let see how many people was scammed and count whole profit built using this scamming scheme.

If you want to know more about Roulette Genius Scam then take a look on my previous investigation called Roulegenius scam Warning

Anyway I am sure you want to know what there is new and what include the update.

The first update is the Roule Genius Price which is very high:

My question is if somebody pay a such a higher price for Roulette Genius Scam.

Leave a comment here and let me know.

There you can find a lot of Fake Testimonials.

Why fake?

I am sure if you was scammed before then you should know the difference between a real testimonial and a fake one.

Now about the big Roule Genius Scam:

Let take a look on some stats posted in the site:

So as you see there are 967 satisfied clients from 1562 sold packages.

What mean this?

This mean 1562 sold packages – 967 satisfied clients = 595 unsatisfied clients or I am wrong?

Can somebody explain me why there are 3420 positive feedback and on site are only several testimonials and all them are 100% fake.

724 euro * 1562 sold packages = 1 130 888 euro

Roule Genius made it own first million from Scam!

For you to know all these stats are 3 months old and data posted on the site a static.

So on Roule Genius site are no dynamic data which mean data stats simple was added in one day and there nothing was changed during the last months.

Verdict on Roule Genius Scam:

From my side Roule Genius Scam or Roule Mind Scam as it was called before simple do not have a such big amount of scammed people.

I suppose they was able to sale only several licenses and for sure not for more than 700 euro.

I think they try to survive somehow from day to day because this market are full of competitors.

Anyway the first position on Google is the single think help them.

In one day they will not rank so high and people will forget about them.

Finally the same happen also with many other players on this market.

The most important thing is the product value they offer but about this I want to hear in the comments.

By the end I want to recommend to take a look on my full roulette scams list: Top Roulette SCAMS December 2017

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