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In the Internet exist a site called roulettesoftwarenet so this RMatrix roulette software is a part of it together with the Enygmista roulette software which I already reviewed.

What I consider strange is that this software have many common things with the roulette software which predict what to bet and when.

Due to the fact that I did not tested RMatrix software and before to say my verdict I expect some feed backs from our site visitors then I am not going to call it roulette scam. At least for the moment …

Anyway let I will tell you some common signs of a roulette prediction software which may be scam: the software is not auto play, you enter the last landed number from roulette table and RMatrix tell you what to bet after which you have to place the bets manually.

Finally this is not the most important thing because we know that such type of roulette software work perfect in fun mode but when you will switch to real money mode the software will stop to work.

By the way the same scheme is used also by many other roulette scam software like: roulette beater scamroulette clapper scamroulette money maker scam and so on.

The common sign for a such type of roulette scam is that it work in fun mode and lose in real money mode also you enter some numbers and roulette software will tell you what will land next.

At this time I have information of about at least 100 such sites but I will review only some of the most visited sites and especially the sites ranked High in Google.

Now when you know some of the most important signs to recognize the roulette scam I can consider my job done.

What the RMatrix developer are going to tell us?

“The rmatrix roulette tool enables a very interesting game at the roulette table. The bank was even doubled, what do you want more ?! You can download it below to get an idea of the program. Just leave your comments. Have fun with rmatrix)”

Not a lot or better to say nothing!

Verdict on RMatrix:

Be carefully with RMatrix roulette software and do not forgot to check those several signs before to start using it for real money.

I am sure you will lose but this is the life.

If somebody used RMatrix do not forgot to leave here a comment and tell us what do you think about it.

At the moment my last suggestion is to take a look on Money Maker Machine products and to understand the difference between something is scam and something is not scam.