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I even can not remember when I made last time a post where I was able to say all I think about a real roulette player without any restrictions.

So who is this a real roulette player and let build a portrait of a real roulette player.

Look on the image and tell me who here is a real roulette player.

You are right! Nobody!

How do I know this?

I do not know! I simple said!

So the same is with the roulette where you do not know which will be the number will land next.

Now meet the real roulette player.

Let call him simple John and he is a real roulette player newbie.

Yesterday he searched on Google for the best roulette system and based on results tried the roulette system which rank higher.

I think is no need to tell you what happen.  Let say simple John found a solution.

This solution looks different because all people are different. Now let see which solution found Mark being an average roulette player.

So nothing new except he is very happy now and possible was prepared for a lose.

You should know roulette is a game for adults, for true mans, for successful mans ready always to get the risk of loses.


Do not forgot after each lose you will have to win much more.

On the other hand roulette is just a game like any other games which goal is to prepare you for a real wealthy life.

If you are not ready for this just stop playing. Be like others. Work hard whole day. Work hard 365 day per year until the end of your life.

I am sure you do not want a such life, then roulette is for you!

From this time your life will change!

You will think whole day only on Roulette and your life also will be called Roulette!

Really man you are real roulette player!