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Possible you read almost all of my reviews but today I decided to understand the gambler logics and will put some lights on next search term “proven roulette strategy”.

So what all search on Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines?

I will be shortly.

All search something which work or in another words let call this a proven roulette strategy.

Below I posted one of my recent emails:

Hi Support

Just stumble on your Web Page, Would love to know more about this. Need a more clear picture about the RSS apps as we’ve heard beautiful things about how this App can automate ones strategy. Would also Love to know if support can assist with any Longtime proven strategy that can makes some good bug of dollars. We are group of Roulette Players forum in the UK, We don’t mind paying Thousands of dollars as long as the strategy works for us Long time i.e income stability for at-least 3 months. If that can be assuring to us, Then we can do business together as there are lot of roulette predicting software we have purchase which have given nothing back in returns. If you are base in Europe, We wont hesitate to visit your  demonstration Center in any part of Europe for this purpose. Your Timely reply will be greatly appreciated Here. Thanks. 

We would love to pay you with Neteller if you agrees to our terms and conditions. Just name your price for the long proven roulette strategy that
can guaranteed income for us. Its not about the software but the Motive behind it. Thats Profit. Thank You

If to read it then looks like people understood what is all about on Money Maker Machine site but in the same time they are still dreaming on roulette magic box.

For me this is nothing strange because this is roulette and there live many gamblers all looking for a proven roulette strategy.

For sure exist a big difference between smart roulette players and gamblers but about this I think I will write another post.

So what I wanted to say?
A such type of gamblers is the perfect food for casinos and roulette scammers.

The worst part of all things is that all search for something nobody will give.

They all are looking for a proven roulette strategy but nobody even want to do something for this.

Such people dreaming of buying a proven roulette strategy which will generate 1000 000$ by paying only 1$.

Be sure if you sale something like this then you will be paid with 1$ after these gamblers will make 1000 000$

For sure they never will get this proven roulette strategy and instead of this they always will lose into the casinos.

Verdict on Proven Roulette Strategy:

As always I stay away from such type of so called roulette forum members because they never will be my customers.

They all represent food for casinos and different type of roulette systems scamers or how they call this “proven roulette strategy”.

My advice is to stay away from roulette forums with  dreaming members.

Stay away from people offer proven roulette strategy.

Wanna 100% proven roulette strategy?

Then check my 2018 roulette scam investigation and be protected.

Remember when you are informed you already have 50% of a proven roulette strategy.