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I can say even much more Privatis Club Scam is the same Futura Capital Scam or Privatech Scam.

Want to know where is the Privatis Club Scam?

Please check my investigation called Roulette Affiliate Scam with Futura Capital.

There are several domains which link to the same host as the Privatis Club Scam.

A new technique but very useful!

Every time somebody will post a scam warning the site will remain and only the domain will change.

Due to the fact that scam artists make a lot of money from casino deals I am sure they can afford 10$ for a new domain.

Really a very good technique!

Based on my investigation where only one user lost 800 euro in several days I think purchasing of a new domain really is not so expensive for Privatis Club Scam.

The question is how to be with sites like Privatis Club Scam?

The answer is to be able to recognize them.

I will try to teach you how to do this but after this all is up to you.

Also I expect some feedbacks!

Do not forgot I am doing this to save your pocket!

Today I received a complain related to this site but there are many other victims of scamming which never report them.

I even do not want to talk about a contribution because almost of the users will prefer to be victim of scams than to buy me a beer.

Really I saw a lot of such users which think everything in this world is free but finally they deserve what they have.

If you will ask me why I am doing this?

I will answer simple.

I found a way which allow me in 1-2 days to make any posts visible to a lot of users and  here I talk about more than 10 000 users during a week all searching things related to roulette.

I even thought of opening a service where people can ask me about roulette scams for a small fee sure if they do not prefer to lose more on scam sites.

Verdict on Privatis Club Scam:

Privatis Club Scam is the same as the Futura Capital Scam.

Anyway I have for you still a bad news.

There are some other domains linked to their main hosting so the scam network will grow soon!

What was funny there is that the scam artists do analyze based on 100 000 collected numbers.

Really this is funny when RNG has a sequence of more than 2000 000 000 numbers.

Go to Money Maker Machine site and find there RNG Studio to check this.