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Is Privatech Scam a totally new scam?

Sure not!

Remember Futura Capital which is the same site with the same design.

In case of Privatech Scam this is the same scam as Futura Capital Scam.

The single difference is the domain name and it was purchased only to hide the scam behind another name.

If you want to know how operate Privatech scam and what is behind it then is enough to read:

Futura Capital Scam Investigation 1 and Futura Capital Investigation 2.

Both sites are the same with the same design and the same team of scam artists.

I will be shortly about how Privatech Scam operate:

  1. You will download a roulette software stated to predict numbers.
  2. You will be asked to download a specific casino because as they state only there you can win.
  3. You will not purchase something but instead of this you only will deposit money in the casino sure as more as better.

Privatech Scam is no more than a casino affiliate scheme where the Privatech scam owners make money from your loses.

Believe me you will lose in one day because you nothing have to do than to gamble and you will do this very aggressive.

If you will read both my investigations you will see there a Log about a victim which lost 800 euro in a very short period of time.

Will you complain against Privatech scam?

Sure not because these scam artists moderate everything there.

I am sure many of you will want to call me a competitor but be careful because I am not a scam seller.

Finally this is a very old scheme used very frequently in the last 10 years.


Here we investigated and made a lot of posts related to a such scam schemes even if the real numbers is more than 1000 of such active scam sites all using the same scheme. If you want something real and useful then I will recommend roulette software from Money Maker Machine which is the most old and trusted roulette software provider for any roulette player. Just think at this time already more than 10 years.