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Prediction Roulette Software X3VS1 Review

Another prediction roulette software is ready for review.

Last time I made a review for Roulette System Software X2VS1 which somewhere is similar to Roulette System Software X3VS1 and in the same time the last is similar to Roulette System Software AVSB.

All are prediction roulette software based on roulette analyze.

If you remember what I said in my previous posts then my next reviews will be also about prediction roulette software capable to perform analyze of roulette sequences.

This post is the continuation of the main idea on which is based any prediction roulette software.

This is X3VS1 – Prediction Roulette Software.

The same idea like on X2VS1 and the single exception is that it is more advanced.

The software is really simple to use!

You select the casino where you want to play also three RNG analyze modules and wanted progression.

After you will click on New Session button the software will start to play and make money for you.

How X3VS1 – Prediction Roulette Software work?

Like I said before the main logistic structure analyze sequences of last landed colors and suggest what to bet.

The single difference is that here three analyze modules run and each return it own suggested color to bet.

Main logistic module analyze these three analyze modules results and take it own decision.

Looks like it is smarter than X2VS1.

Possible it is smarter but possible it is not. I checked what players say on MMM Forum about it and there are different opinions.

I will say simple 50/50 between X2VS1 and X3VS1.

This product is sold by Money Maker Machine – biggest roulette tools provider and there on official site are some videos where X3VS1 was recorded on it 1000$ video test.

Anyway I think you have to play smart with it and to not be greedy.

The biggest mistake of all players is that they are very greedy and the balance they use simple don’t allow to do something with this.

First of all I will recommend you to find a casino with 10 cents and to play with no more than 100$.

I think a such balance is more than enough.

The second rule you must follow is to play many small sessions in different days. Sure all depend on your balance and for the best tips better is to go on customers support forum and to see different owners opinions.

Verdict for prediction roulette software X3VS1:

I think this prediction roulette software is at least 2 steps forward to something capable to win long term on roulette but like always do not forgot this is roulette.

To not lose what you won on casino with X3VS1 – Prediction Roulette Software be careful and check my 2017 roulette scams list.