Real Money Play

Real Money Play refers to game rooms where you need to purchase a game ticket to play.

How does it work?

  1. Real Money Game Rooms: There are four real money game rooms:
    • 5 TK Room: Entry ticket costs 5 tokens.
    • 10 TK Room: Entry ticket costs 10 tokens.
    • 25 TK Room: Entry ticket costs 25 tokens.
    • 100 TK Room: Entry ticket costs 100 tokens.
  2. Buying Game Tickets: To play in one of these rooms, you need to purchase a specific ticket for your desired room using real money.
  3. Creating the Prize Pool: The money collected from ticket sales forms the prize pool for that room. The higher the ticket price and the number of players, the larger the prize pool.
  4. Receiving Virtual Coins: After purchasing a game ticket, you receive 2000 virtual coins to play.
  5. The Actual Game: During the game, you use the 2000 virtual coins to place bets. This means that the gameplay itself does not involve using real money directly, only the virtual coins you received initially.
  6. Prize Distribution: At the end of each game session, the accumulated prize pool is distributed to the winning players based on their results.

Important Instructions:

  • Ensure you have enough funds to purchase a ticket before selecting a real money game room.
  • Click Join Game to start the game session and compete with other players.

Real Money Play offers a thrilling roulette experience, where every bet counts and each win can bring real rewards.