Fan Support Play


Fan Support Play Mode offers a collaborative gaming experience where players share winnings equally with their supported personalities. This unique mode allows players to show financial support to their favorite content creators, streamers, gamers, models, or actresses.

How it Works:

  • Play Alongside Your Partner: In Fan Support Play Mode, players team up with their supported personalities to enjoy the game together.
  • Equal Winnings Sharing: All winnings generated in this mode are split equally between the player and their supported personality.


  • Support Your Favorites: Fan Support Play Mode enables players to financially support their preferred personalities while enjoying the gaming experience together.
  • Diverse Supported Personalities: This mode caters to various personalities across different industries, including content creation, streaming, gaming, modeling, and acting.

Account Requirement:

For players to benefit from Fan Support Play Mode, each supported personality must have a game account. This ensures that fans can show their financial support and engage in the gaming experience alongside their favorite personalities.


Fan Support Play Mode in Sprinter-Stayers Roulette redefines collaborative gaming by allowing players to support their favorite personalities while sharing in the excitement of gameplay. It offers a unique opportunity for fans to connect with their idols and enjoy a mutually rewarding gaming experience.