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I think is the time to start a new series of materials called “money maker machine services” where I will tell you about different type of services offered inside Money Maker Machine Network.


First of all because many roulette players look for them but do not know where to find.

As a prove that somebody look for something like this I will post the customer email and below my answer.

I want to tell you that everyday I receive many emails and some of them contain such requests related to money maker machine services.

Email 1 from Denny:

“Hi I need a bot to collect my spins quick, Playtech ,millions of spins and save the Notepad.txt, It can be done? I am willing to pay,wait for response.”

My answer:

The roulette software which I recommend are RSS and RSS Pro. Beside the software itself you will need also a script. The script is easy to make but in case you may need some help with it then I recommend to get a coder from us.

Note: Till now our coder served more than 100 customers and made more than 300 custom scripts. 

Email 2 from Jan:

“Hello I would like to ask, it may be used software RSS Pro on miniroulette in platform Playtech? Thank you for answer. Jan

My answer:

Unfortunately at this time RSS and RSS Pro can play only on European Roulette, Roulette Pro, French Roulette and Live Roulette.

Email 3 from Jan:

“Than you for the info.But I have one question.Could someone on Your team make software miniroulette ?”

My answer:

For sure this can be done but in this case we talk about a new auto play module. A such development cost 1000$

So is up to you to decide if you will sponsor fully this development or not.

Before we had many such requests related to different platforms but I want to tell you about our latest request.

It was related to French Roulette – Auto Play Module where one of our customers requested it and was ready to cover whole development expenses.

He paid whole development price and received it with the software during one month.

If you will decide to sponsor this development then we will provide you also with 10 licenses for all your computers and possible some of them will remain even for your friends. (5 licenses for RSS + 5 licenses for RSS Pro)

Finally is up to you to decide if you need it or maybe to stop on some of our existing products.

From our side we can do this if you are ready to get all development expenses.

Verdict on Money Maker Machine Services:

I consider “money maker machine services” series a very informative for our current and future customers and will continue doing this also in future.

Another one of our Money Maker Machine Services is to inform roulette players about top new 2018 roulette scams.

Want more money maker machine services? Then join us!