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Almost all of you know what represent an affiliate program.

If is bad or good to work as an affiliate then here we can have a lot of opinions.

From my side the most important thing is to do a good job.

Now back to money maker machine affiliate program and some things you must know before to join it:

  1. You can take part in this affiliate program only if you are money maker machine customer.
  2. You must have a separate site for money maker machine products.
  3. You should not advertise there any other products except money maker machine products.

As you see this is an unusual affiliate program or better to say an internal affiliate program only for money maker machine customers.

If you bought a product, package or service from money maker machine then you can join money maker machine affiliate program.

Why so many restrictions?

I think first of all to have an efficient affiliate program.

Some years ago I had activated my affiliate system and I operated it the same way many other do.

After two years I found it very useless!

Why old affiliate schemes are useless in our case?

Let suppose our products stay on some downloads directories or coupons sites.

Possible you will want to say that this is perfect but I want to explain why this do not have any impact under sales.

The problem is that beside of our products there are millions of other products.

I will say more there our products are really very hard to find even if you know what you want to search.

After all this said do you really think such sites can help?

For sure NOT and you will pay % from sales to sites or people which do not deserve this!


Let talk about coupons sites.

You must know that in case of coupons sites people first of all come to your site and after they go to search for some coupons.

From my side better to not offer any discounts and in generally to not deal with any coupons sites.

Really no advantages with them.

Related to downloads directories then there happen the same thing.

Nobody will be able to find your own product between millions of other products.

The last thing I want to highlight are roulette review sites but even there the impact is minimal.

By the end to finish with all my thoughts I prepared my own affiliate program rules:

Click here to find out more about Money Maker Machine Affiliate Program

If somebody will want to say that nobody will join us then I want to disagree you.

Look on our Russian Partner Site: Roulette-Software-Ru.Com

I expect soon to have here much more such partners and from different local markets.

Verdict on Money Maker Machine Affiliate Program:

I guarantee you that is better to join Money Maker Machine Affiliate Program than to advertise all other available worldwide roulette software.

Do not forgot at this time Money Maker Machine offer for sale 13 products if to not talk about an additional 3 packages and a lot of useful services.

Finally do not forgot we offer the most complete solution for roulette and this is exactly what expect most roulette players.