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These days on Money Maker Machine Forum I saw some community members discussing about Logiciel Roulette Net site.

So I decided to investigate it and make a review.

I don’t want to say that this review will build us a complete image of what Logiciel roulette is or what it can do.

At least with the help of our site visitors and all the players who used it we will be able to find out the truth.

So let start and analyze all Logiciel Roulette offer and all Logiciel Roulette wrote on their official site.

I see Logiciel Roulette Site want to tell us how to beat roulette with roulette software.

I am not sure they can do this but anyway let see what they suggest.

This Logiciel Roulette Paragraph brought my attention:

We have developed a free roulette software that is able to predict the winning numbers.

Sound to be good to be true!

Now please pay attention to the next Logiciel Roulette Paragraph:

Our free roulette prediction software may be used on a demo mode on the online Casinos for which it was programed.

So then Logiciel Roulette Software can win only in demo mode?

Nothing new!

At this time almost all of available free roulette software win in demo mode and lose in real money mode.

Now just think what is important for you demo mode or real money mode?

Anyway let continue our investigation and find the miracle behind Logiciel Roulette Software.

This is no more than an affiliate scheme.

I checked their so called software and I think it was made by somebody who plan to finish soon the school.

Now let go to Logiciel roulette second software.

So looks like this software is only for real money mode.

I suppose you will use their first software to win in demo mode and their second software to lose in real money mode.

Finally if you don’t trust me you can try and lose.

Better let move forward and see their proof of earnings.

I don’t know if you believe or not in these proof of earnings.

I will tell you simple.

All Logiciel Roulette Proof of Earning are fake!

By the way there are also some comments.

All comments are made by the authors of Logiciel Roulete site.

There can be found a form to contact the so called students.

I don’t know where they are from but for an European country such level of knowledge are very low.

At least I know that each student which study mathematics know that online roulette is based on RNG.

They nothing said about RNG which make me suppose they are outside of Europe.

Verdict on Logiciel Roulette 2012:

The site is related to casino affiliate business and the way they use to beat the roulette is equivalent with the way to beat your pocket.

If you still have a lot of money in your pocket then you can try their system and don’t forget to report here the proof of loses.


Read below how Logiciel Roulette changed and was improved after 3 years.

Mu first investigation related to Logiciel Roulette was done in 2012 and what you will read below is about 2015.

The main idea on what is based this software is that somebody want to introduce us to THE ROULETTE BOT FOR ONLINE CASINO ROULETTE PREDICTION.

So let see how useful or useless is Logiciel Roulette site or the roulette software it offer sure if it offer something.

Usually when users hear about the students or something revolutionary made by them they are willing to trust them.

In order to find the truth is quite enough to read very carefully the Logiciel Roulette Site content.

After reading these paragraphs I can assure you these people do not have something which will allow you to beat roulette.

Related to above paragraphs then you can find anything related to what you want to hear but nothing related to how this software work.

Any software engineer will be able to confirm that these paragraphs was written more by a content maker than a software engineer.

Now start the most interesting things related to Logiciel Roulette!

Be ready future Logiciel Roulette Loser!

In order to use this roulette software you will have to register.

Finally registration is not a problem because this is an usual procedure many sites will ask you to do.

Step 2: You will have to download so called “hacked online casinos”

These are not hacked casinos!

The site owner have a special deal with these casinos.

A such procedure all call Casino Affiliate Program.

The Affiliate Site and in our case Logiciel Roulette will work for the casino and it will receive % from players loses.

Step 3: The site ask you to deposit 40$.

Why 40$ and not more or less?

I think this minimum deposit amount is related to the deal between Logiciel Roulette site and the Casino.

As you see I was right.

If you will put the mouse under the casino then in browser task bar you will see the casino link.


This site is affiliated with the casino which mean you never will win!

You always will lose and % from your loses will go to Logiciel Roulette.