Gambling Regulations

Gambling Regulations

Section 1: Introduction
1.1. These regulations define our policy regarding gambling on video chat platforms. Our goal is to provide an engaging, responsible, and safe experience, focusing on a more social aspect of gambling.

Section 2: Definitions
2.1. Gambling on Video Chat Platforms: This term encompasses games that include elements of gambling in interactions between models and users, with an emphasis on using tickets to prevent pathological gambling or excessive gaming.

Section 3: Specific Features of Our Games
3.1. Tickets Instead of Real Bets: Instead of real money bets, our games are based exclusively on tickets. This offers an experience closer to social gambling, limiting risks and providing an entertainment option.

3.2. Limiting the Number of Tickets: To prevent excessive and compulsive gambling, we impose clear limits on the number of tickets that can be purchased within a certain time frame.

3.3. Affordable Ticket Prices: The cost of tickets remains affordable, representing a symbolic amount, thereby avoiding significant financial risks.

Section 4: Striking a Balance
4.1. Closer to Social Gambling: We encourage a closer approach to social gambling, where our games offer fun and participation without significant risks for participants.

4.2. Clear Distinction from Real Gambling: It is important to emphasize that our games, while containing elements of gambling, primarily serve as a form of entertainment and do not involve significant risks to personal finances.

Section 5: Responsibility and Safety
5.1. Promoting Responsible Gambling: We encourage users and models to engage in games within their budget limits, preventing pathological gambling behaviors.

5.2. Setting Game Limits: By setting clear limits on tickets, we ensure that our games do not contribute to excessive financial risks.

Section 6: Conclusion
6.1. By implementing these regulations, we commit to providing a gambling experience tailored to video chat platforms in line with our values of responsible social gambling.

6.2. These regulations can be modified at any time in accordance with industry changes and the needs of our participants, always maintaining the balanced and safe direction of our games.