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Beside of the reviews I posted here, today I decided to post something special and here we will talk about a RBS palette called Gladiator System.

This is a chat received from a Money Maker Machine customer who bought RBS – Red and Black Roulette Systems Studio.

As you know RBS is a roulette tool capable to play your own roulette strategy based on red/black bets.

So about what will be this article?

As you see from the attached images a player managed to win 1000$ in 2 weeks.

Now let see how he was able to do this.

Like he reported, all look simple but I am sure the things may be more complex.

So this player used RBS with GLADIATOR SYSTEM 4677

I am not sure if any player which will use RBS with this system will have the same results.

As I know for all MMM products work next rule: 66/33/1

What this mean?

66% – is how much can help you any of MMM products

33% – represent what you should do in order to put MMM products to work like you expect

1% – is your luck

MMM products can help you to win on roulette but don’t expect from them to do whole job for you, because without your contribution of 33% you never will get to success and don’t forget about 1% your luck because finally this is online roulette.

Verdict on Gladiator System:

I recommend to all to think on this gold rule 66/33/1 related to MMM products and to test GLADIATOR SYSTEM 4677 and to share your experience with all us.

Also do not forgot that there are many other profitable roulette palettes so feel free to test any of them in real money mode with real money simulator.

Also after you will some money with Gladiator System be careful to not fall into 2018 roulette scams.