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In this post I want to show you an example of an roulette affiliate scam.

Today I had a chat with a user which came to Money Maker Machine site in order to purchase some products.

I asked him how he found us so he told me that he came via Online Roulette Systems Info site and especially via Futura Capital Spam 100% post.

By the way Logiciel Roulette Scam is the same roulette affiliate scam.

So I was right this is a scam and the most important this is the same old roulette affiliate scam scheme!

Simple to say these people state to have a software to predict roulette numbers!


How works this roulette affiliate scam on Futura Capital:

  1. You will download their software.
  2. You will play in their casinos where they are affiliated. (they will say they have numbers only for their affiliated casinos)
  3. Everyday you will try your luck but finally you will lose and sometimes a big amount of money.

Here I have a Log between me and one of my possible customers.

Till now he nothing purchased but came here to return more than 800 euros lost with roulette affiliate scam located on Futura Capital.

I recommend to read this post and understand how really works this roulette affiliate scam artists also to do the same did this user.

I mean to report any new roulette affiliate scam!

Looking for more roulette affiliate scam all based on the same idea?

Then go to our Roulette Affiliate Scam Section!

Roulette Affiliate Scam or Futura Capital Log is here:

Now is up to you next time to be able to recognize a roulette affiliate scam scheme. Futura Capital is only one site from one big family.

Roulette Affiliate Scam Log:

System 6/3/2017 9:04:38 PM
Chat Request for Support – Kevin
Name: Scam Victim
Email: ******************
Question: Hi
Chat ID: 14047

Scam Victim is now in Chat with Kevin.

Scam Victim 9:09:38 PM
Hi am thinking about joining here i want to stop loosing money on futura capital

System 9:09:46 PM

Chat has been accepted by Kevin.

Kevin 9:09:46 PM

Hello Scam Victim, my name is Kevin, how may I help you?

Do you use future capital?

Scam Victim 9:10:53 PM
yes i am till today i need to stop

Kevin 9:11:02 PM
Good. Please tell me more about it. How it operate?

Scam Victim 9:11:16 PM
i had around 1100 euros and in 2 days its just 440euros left

Kevin 9:11:30 PM

Once you are losing there I simple will post more info for other users to help them.
Sure I will tell them that you helped them and I only got information from you.
So how they operate?

Scam Victim 9:11:56 PM
well the software tells you which number to bet on
thats about it
i made 3 days money with it and 4 day it started loosing money

Kevin 9:12:53 PM
How much you made and how much you lost?
I simple want to get more info to warn other people
Better to tell to other if this is simple gambling or not.

Scam Victim 9:13:44 PM
well i lost around 800€
yeah sure

Kevin 9:14:17 PM
Did they asked you to play on special casino?

Scam Victim 9:14:24 PM

Kevin 9:14:34 PM
do you know why?

Scam Victim 9:14:32 PM
magik slots

Kevin 9:14:42 PM
do you know why?

Scam Victim 9:14:48 PM
and its like holding my money
well they said that the software works on that casino because they have information abut the numbers
which numbers will come out

Kevin 9:15:36 PM
Do you want I will tell you how this scheme works?

Scam Victim 9:15:37 PM
on the software

Kevin 9:15:50 PM
Please continue and tell me more.

Scam Victim 9:16:00 PM

Kevin 9:16:01 PM
We both want simple to warn other about this.

Scam Victim 9:16:37 PM
yeah i tried and posted your website on their comments section
they have around 2 websites i think -

yeh they are just playing around with hard earned money
we go on job everyday

Kevin 9:19:07 PM
If you have time then right now we can punish them
my Online Roulette Systems Info site have a lot of visitors
so with your help we can stop this roulette affiliate scam
sure if you are ready to help me
and I will mention you in the post so let they know that is bad doing this
Also many other will respect you because you will save other pockets

Scam Victim 9:20:17 PM
well yeah sure

Kevin 9:20:25 PM
so let do this
In one hour the post will be live with real investigation
Then I start right now doing this
Open the admin console and start
I will ask something and you will answer me and in less than one hour let they be dead
After we will finish we will be back to our products
Now let kill this roulette affiliate scam from futura capital
800 euro this is a lot

Scam Victim 9:21:45 PM
well kevin right now i need to pick up my wife and kids

Kevin 9:21:56 PM
I am thinking people make there at least 100 000 euro per month
In generally I understood what is all about
When you will come back check the part 2 of the futura capital on that site
By the way how you find our site?

Scam Victim 9:22:45 PM
ok i will

Kevin 9:22:47 PM
via google?

Scam Victim 9:23:05 PM
i am closing my accounts with them for sure

Kevin 9:23:17 PM
let I will tell you the truth

Scam Victim 9:23:24 PM
well i just googled and looked if they are a scam

Kevin 9:23:36 PM
on the same idea are based more than 1000 worldwide sites
on online roulette sytems info are described more than 20 such sites all related to roulette affiliate scam scheme
if you was read my investigations before than you possible knew about this
all based on the same idea
the design is different
the software look different
the web address is different
but this is all

Scam Victim 9:24:28 PM
oh ok

Kevin 9:24:49 PM
I am afraid all are based on the same office
if you do not know then there is so called things casinos affiliate program

Scam Victim 9:25:06 PM
well i found one in bahamas

Kevin 9:25:16 PM
so if you lost 800 euro then they made 400 euro
the idea is that casino pay them when you lose

Scam Victim 9:25:24 PM
yeah i know
ah ok
so they are making money

Kevin 9:25:38 PM
now I know why they asked you to pay in a specific casino

Scam Victim 9:25:38 PM
me looosing

Kevin 9:25:53 PM
for example I ask money for a real software
I mean software to automate and play users strategies

Scam Victim 9:26:02 PM
well their was 3 casinos before
and then just one

Kevin 9:26:13 PM
I do not state miracles as they do

Scam Victim 9:26:16 PM
they felt the software was not stable

Kevin 9:26:21 PM
3 casinos?

Scam Victim 9:26:29 PM

Kevin 9:26:35 PM
if these people are on CPA then they may get 200$ per casino
looks like people make very big money from this roulette affiliate scam

Scam Victim 9:26:48 PM

Kevin 9:26:56 PM
good good
I see their affiliate number
Thanks You Very Much for info

Scam Victim 9:27:06 PM

Kevin 9:27:23 PM
Other users will tell you also a Big Thank You

Scam Victim 9:27:23 PM
yeah they need be stopped
how come you stayed from 2007?

Kevin 9:27:58 PM
The same I tell to other to help each other an to finish with these scam.

Scam Victim 9:27:59 PM
i looked up ur site

Kevin 9:28:05 PM
Yes I am from 2007
the idea is I am not scam
this is why I am here
on my forum are all my customers
people which helped me build something real

Scam Victim 9:28:36 PM
yeah its true

Kevin 9:28:45 PM
I mean we all are focused on something real

Scam Victim 9:28:57 PM
i will for sure try to learn more about your software
looks a bit difficult

Kevin 9:29:15 PM
I will tell you some simple things
1) we offer software to automate roulette systems
2) players have full control and know everything
3) roulette systems are open source
4) player control full process
5) we have support up to team viewer

Scam Victim 9:29:57 PM
yes i liked the automation

Kevin 9:30:06 PM
6) we can provide players with their own coder

Scam Victim 9:30:06 PM
if i am not at home it still works

Kevin 9:30:28 PM
when you are outside we recommend control via team viewer
if you do not know how to do this we can instruct

Scam Victim 9:30:47 PM
well if i am at work

Kevin 9:30:52 PM
but the main tings is real money simulator
so this is an option to check any strategy for real money but without money
and if it work then go for real money
let I will explain more simple
the software always protect from loses
this one we guarantee

Scam Victim 9:31:53 PM
ok great

Kevin 9:32:00 PM
related to winnings this will happen once you will run the proper strategy and will be sure in it

Scam Victim 9:31:58 PM
i cannot afford to loose more

Kevin 9:32:13 PM
due to the fact that we do not sale miracles
I simple ask to not expect miracles
people use our software only to avoid loses
at least they pay once for the software
and this is the main guarantee
on the other hand I do not deal with casinos
I do not ask for specific casino
I leave contacts between our customers open
so when you enter in our community you can talk with other our customers
Scam artists do not do this
So these are the main signs we are not in scam business
We simple ask money or better say expenses for our servers our hosting private and shared
We do not make some simple software to run on random
Here are some smart and complex systems which make the roulette session easy even if this may look complicated

Scam Victim 9:35:32 PM

Kevin 9:35:44 PM
BY the way can you tell me about other scams?

Scam Victim 9:35:42 PM
well i will give it a try

Kevin 9:35:54 PM
I need a real person experimented some other roulette affiliate scam sites
Or this one is the single?

Scam Victim 9:36:20 PM
well those are the sites that i sent you
i have tried and are scams
in my opinion

Kevin 9:36:45 PM
ok I understand so all come from the same address
we also have here a list

Scam Victim 9:36:56 PM

Kevin 9:36:58 PM
Also I know about other 20 but let hope I will have time to let other know about this

Scam Victim 9:37:31 PM
nice talking 2 u Kevin
looks like you are one of the good guys

Kevin 9:38:29 PM

I am a roulette software developer and nothing more
The idea is that people come here for a custom code
So I write this for them
Custom roulette software
I write software as they request but they play and pay for my work
Finally I do what people ask me and nothing more
I nothing state except that I can automate what they ask me

Scam Victim 9:40:01 PM
oh ok

Roulette Affiliate Scam Log End:

Verdict on roulette affiliate scam:

Now is up to you next time to be able to recognize a roulette affiliate scam scheme. Futura Capital is only one site from one big Roulette Affiliate Scam Family. Finally 99% of whole roulette market is based on roulette affiliate scam. So be careful.