For Video Chat

Sprinter Stayers Roulette – a game where you play to support your favorite video chat models.

About the Game:

  • The principle of the game is simple: each player, upon purchasing a ticket, plays for their favorite model.
  • In case of victory, the model receives the prize, and the player becomes her favorite.

Video Chat Principle:

  • Previously, fans would send tips to their preferred models.
  • Now, they buy tickets and actively engage, with winnings directed to their beloved models.

More details about the game:
Looking at the bigger picture, each game lasts for 15 minutes, with the next one starting right after.
Simply put, there are 4 games per hour and an impressive 96 games within 24 hours.
Considering each game has 3 winners, this means that within 24 hours, 288 video chat models will receive prizes.

Now, diving into the nitty-gritty details during these 15 minutes: the first minute is for selling game tickets, followed by 13 rounds of action.
Each round involves 40 seconds for placing bets, 20 seconds to check if you’ve won the current round, and preparing a strategy for the next.
Finally, after the last round concludes, there’s another minute for players to get ready for the next game.