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Today one of Money Maker Machine Community members requested a review of Dohod Vsem.

On the Internet exist a site called DOHOD-VSEM.

The name nothing will tell you because it is in Russian.

I think many know about this country but for all who don’t know I will be shortly.

So I talk about the country where was born Lenin and which dream of offering Dohod Vsem to all.

What I like in Russia are their villages.

Because only there you will feel that you traveled in time 300 years ago.

So where are there Dohod Vsem?

Related to Russian Girls then there all are different and this will depend on your pocket.

You can pick next one and play together in casino using DOHOD-VSEM

But if you have a lot of money to lose with DOHOD VSEM then I will recommend you next one.

As you see this is what mean Dohod Vsem!

And finally after the day will end this is what you can do.

By the way in Russia you can play in casino even if you don’t have money and you shouldn’t care about this.


All is very simple there are some special girls which take care about this.

I think these all was funny now let see what we have related to Dohod Vsem site in 2012.

The site is very simple.

There are also a software.

My question is why to test Dohod Vsem software if it based on a wrong idea?

The site owner said that is impossible to have 13 the same color sequence.

I will not agree with him.

The idea is if the RNG is based on 32 bits then the sequence length of the same color in a row will be 32.

For 64 bits RNG this sequence will have length 64.

By the way this is very easy to check with RNG-Studio from Money Maker Machine Site.

I think once the site owner don’t know about RNG structure then his idea is wrong.

Once his idea is wrong then this mean the Dohod Vsem roulette software also will work wrong.

I read whole site so there are nothing except some advices for gambling also some casinos where you can play.

Verdict on Dohod Vsem:

The software they offer is based on a wrong idea so is easy to suppose what it will do.

I think it will be perfect for compulsive gamblers and losers.

As of April 2018 the site changed a lot so now it look more professional.

For sure you can check it so my first Dohod Vsem review at this time will be more as how they started.

Also do not forgot to check my 2018 roulette scams investigation.