Game Rules

Game Rules

This guide will help you explore every aspect of the game in detail, step by step, for a complete understanding.

Choosing the Game Room:
– Selecting the game room influences both the ticket price and potential winnings.
– To start the game in each room, there is a minimum and maximum number of players required.

Game Start:
– The game consists of 13 rounds, and each player begins with an initial virtual balance of 2000 units.
– Each round involves placing bets, generating the winning number, analyzing bets, and distributing winnings.
– The game ends upon the completion of the last round and the clear determination of the 3 winners.

Immediate Game Termination:
– If, in any of the rounds, a player reaches a balance of 5513 units or more and is the only player with the highest balance in that room, then the game ends, and that player becomes the sole winner of the entire prize pool in that room.

Game Extension:
– If in the final round there are two or three players with equal balances, the game enters extended mode and continues until the 3 winners are clearly determined.

Game Reset:
– The game reset option can be used anytime you wish and allows you to start a new game with an initial virtual balance of 2000 units.
– To use this option, exit the game and then return, which also means the automatic purchase of a new game ticket.

– Sprinter Stayers Roulette offers a unique experience where the choice of the room and playing style are essential.