Game – 3 Winners

Game – 3 Winners

Game Mechanics:

1. Choosing the Game Room:
The game begins by choosing the game room. There is a special practice room where you can hone your skills, while the other rooms are intended for real money games.

2. Participating in the Game:
Players press the Join Game button, which automatically involves purchasing the corresponding ticket for the respective room and places them in the waiting phase for the actual game to begin.

3. Placing Bets and Actual Gameplay:

The game consists of 13 rounds, and each round consists of several stages:

3.1 Placing Bets:
In each round, players have 40 seconds to place their bets.

3.2 Generating the Winning Number:
After the bets are placed, a winning number is randomly generated.

3.3 Analyzing Bets and Distributing Winnings:
The system analyzes the bets and determines the winnings for each player.

3.4 Silent Period:
After the analysis and distribution of winnings, players can enjoy a brief 20-second period of silence to review their results, evaluate their strategies, and prepare for the next round.

4. Distributing Winnings and Continuing the Game:
The process of analyzing bets and distributing winnings repeats in each round.
The game continues with the other 12 rounds, following the same structure.

5. End of the Game and Determining the Winners:
The game concludes after completing all 13 rounds.
The system identifies the three players with the highest balances, and the winnings are distributed in a ratio of 50%-35%-15%.

Game rules may vary depending on the game’s version and the platform on which it is hosted.