Application Guide

Application Guide

This guide will help you explore every aspect of the application, step by step, so that you fully understand how everything works.

If you already have the application downloaded, please refer to the Application Installation Guide.

1. Registration and Authentication
If you don’t have an account, the application will always ask you to enter a Referral Code.
In case you don’t have a referral code, you can use the following code: games4camming.

After entering the Referral Code, you’ll see a form with two options: Enter as a Guest or Create an Account.

The Enter as a Guest option provides limited functionality and can be useful for observing other participants’ gameplay.
If you want to play, choose the Create an Account option.

2. Set My Lover
In the MY ACCOUNT -> My Lover section, you can choose who you play for.
Find your lover by entering their name and selecting them from the list.

3. Select a Game Room
Before choosing a game room, make sure you have sufficient funds to play.
Click Join Game to start the game.

4. The Gameplay Process
4.1 Placing Bets:
At the beginning of each of the 13 rounds, players have a specific time to place their bets.
There are various types of bets, including specific numbers, colors, or groups of elements.

4.2 Winning Number:
After the betting time expires, a random number is generated for the current round.
Players who placed successful bets receive their winnings.

4.3 Displaying the Winners:
At the end of each round, a list of winners and their winnings is displayed.
The game consists of a total of 13 rounds and usually ends after completing all of these rounds.

During the game, you have the option to use the Game Reset function.

For detailed game information, please refer to the Game Rules.

5. Completing the Game
The game can end in three ways:
5.1 Sprinter Mode: a single winner.
5.2 Stayers Mode: three winners and 13 rounds.
5.3 Stayers Mode + Extended Game: three winners and more than 13 rounds.

6. Managing Deposits and Withdrawals
Add funds to your game account from your video chat platform account.
If you win, you have the option to withdraw them to your video chat platform account.

7. Statistics and Activities
Explore the game statistics, history, and earnings from your referrals.

8. Questions and Support
If you have any questions or need clarification, please Contact Us for additional assistance.