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DCS Full Guide

In case you are looking for the info related to how to code your own roulette system then please check bellow our recommended usefull links otherwise please continue to read whole DCS Tutorial.

First time started DCS?


Every new customer will have his own SN (serial number) that is used to indentify the CSS owner as a player in our network also it is used in case of problems during the game or for the license transfer.


CSS is sold per license and every license can be used only on one computer.


Usually if the user plans to change, upgrade or format his computer then SN can be moved from one computer to another.


During the time we can have many software upgrades so usually this is a very easy process because all the work is done by our auto update module embedded into DCS, so when a new version is available the user receive a message so he should update his version to the new one.


In case the auto update can't start then we have a fixed link where our customers can always find the last version.


So let start the DCS environment and for this you should click on START button.

Registration process

Once you bought DCS software then the next step is to register it.


So after you will buy it you will receive via email Order ID, License Key also the links for download the full version.

Please enter them into register form and don't forget to enter the License Key with the brackets {}.

Another field is Referrer SN so please enter it if you were referred by one of our current customers

or leave it empty.


Choose the casino you want to use and start roulette window

The next step I suggest to do is to start your casino and to open the roulette window.


You should know that our software can be used only for casinos built on Playtech platform and these

are more then 50 online casinos so feel free to play in them all.


DCS software and roulette window

So you started the casino where you want to play also you started the DCS software.


Please click on the User Profile button from top right corner of the RBS Control Center and the new window called User Profile will open.



Here are several fields you should complete:

Password – your DCS password in order to protect your account from the others.

Name – your network name. Usually the people put here their forum name as second identification because the primary id for every member of our network is SN.

Country – the country you are from. We use this for live help support. We are international community so main our language is English but we have international support in most of the worldwide languages like: Italian, German, French, Spanish and not only. The idea is that our members or customers always are ready to help the new people who will want to join our community.

E-Mail – your email address in order to receive the new password in case you will forget it or for the internal communications inside out network and problems solve procedure.

WWW – your web site in case you have it. We use these for the sub network administrators, DCS palette coders, or other staff from our main network or our sub networks.

Note – a small info about you or your position inside MMM Network. Later this field can be used to store important info about your role in our network and can contain your forum name, your palettes id also other information you consider as useful to place here.


Once you will set a password for your DCS software then next time you will start DCS you will see next window so all you should do is to enter the right password.


In case you will have some problems related to this then feel free to contact our MMM Support Team in order to solve this.



DCS Control Center

DCS Control Center is the main module that will allow you to control the whole game process.


So let start with the explanations of functions for this module:

New Game – click on this button in order to start a new game.

Stop Game – click on this button in order to stop the current game.

History – click on this button after the game is finished in order to see the game logs.

Exit - click on this button in order to exit from the DCS software.

User Profile - click on this button in order to start User Profile module.

Select Active Casino - click on this button in order to select the active casino where you will play.

Real Money Simulator – check or uncheck this option in order to use or not the real money simulator.

Step by Step Mode – check or uncheck this option in order to play your strategy step by step.


More completely about all these functions we will talk later, but for now you should know that this is the main module will allow you to control whole game.


This is the main game console that will show you whole game process.

Game console store all the variables that describe the game process.


It is supposed to use these variables in order to take some decisions related to when to stop the game, modify real time the betting palette or to suggest the correction to DCS.


So we have next variables:

Start - show the start balance. Is recommended to set DCS start balance value the same as your casino balance.

Current - show the current balance. During the game this field will show always your current balance and should be identical with your casino balance.

End - show the end balance. This field point always to the end balance and DCS will run until the moment when the current balance field will be equal with your end balance field.

Bet - show the last bet value.

Win - show the last won value.

S - how many free spins to do

J - on which step to jump after all these free spins will be done

1 - Amount of units to bet on roulette element 1

2 - Amount of units to bet on roulette element 2

3 - Amount of units to bet on roulette element 3

IFWJ - if after betting was made profit then DCS will jump to the step indicated into this field

IFLJ - if after betting came losing situation then DCS will jump to the step indicated into this field

IFZJ - if after betting was not made profit then DCS will jump to the step indicated into this field

[1..4]X[1..3]: a group of counters that show the profit for any sub step position. These fields describe the relation between betting palette configuration and the game.

E1- how many times landed roulette element 1

E2- how many times landed roulette element 2

E3- how many times landed roulette element 3

EZ- how many times landed zero

L1 - the longest consecutive sequence of roulette elements 1

L2 - the longest consecutive sequence of roulette elements 2

L3 - the longest consecutive sequence of roulette elements 3

LZ - the longest consecutive sequence of zero

Profit - variable will show the profit you made during the game.

Spins - variable will hold all spins was made during the game including 13 initialize spins.

Speed - variable represent the palette speed. It show how quick the money are made. Speed=(Profit/Spins)*100


DCS Betting Palette Screen –show the information related to betting palette settings also allow the player to change some configuration of the betting palette during the game process.