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Being an administrator of Money Maker Machine Network I think I can put here much more light on this topic and paint the picture of a compulsive gambler.

During the last 8 years I saw different type of roulette players.

Really I do not like compulsive gamblers and in the same time I have the luck to have an option to ban all them from Money Maker Machine Network and products we offer if they will not stop be compulsive and will not stop losing big on roulette.

On the other hand what we sale is something which do not deal directly with gambling but possible only partially.

Why here no one compulsive gambler will lose big?

First of all because all Money Maker Machine products come with an embedded real money simulator which do not suppose playing for money or at least for real money.

You should know that roulette without bets is gaming and not gambling.

My favorite module is still auto play and real money simulator.

Why it is good for any compulsive gambler and work as a cure?

Because I can let any of my roulette strategies to play in auto play mode and in the same time I can see how them perform in real money mode with a zero casino balance.

Really this is what I like the most and it is useful for any compulsive gambler.

Related to my customers then there things run different.

First of all there are two type of roulette players: smart roulette players and compulsive roulette players.

This post is about compulsive roulette players so I will talk only about them.

The first sign that you deal with a compulsive gambler is based on the terms he use.

So if the player ask you about working roulette strategy or working roulette software then he is compulsive gambler.

Another sign is when the player start playing directly for money without to know how to use properly the roulette software you offer him.

Such type of users never will invest in smart roulette software or in roulette education.

These players simple gambling.

For them the most important is to gamble and never to stop and does not matter if they win or lose.

They always will gamble and they never will stop even if they will win 1000 000$ they will continue to gamble until they will lose everything.

Verdict on Compulsive Gambler:

Money Maker Machine offer the best products to stop losing in the casino especially for a compulsive gambler.

Just remember my words!

To stop losing in the casino until you will not find the proper and correct roulette strategy.

This will work only until you will use real money simulator.


If you will not use it then forgot about anything I told you here. Just think!

Compulsive Gambler be warned!

By the end do not forgot to check my 2018 roulette scams investigation and be protected.