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I simple want to tell you that there is no best roulette strategy ever.

To tell you the truth these are some of the most well known keywords used by different roulette players to search for something capable to win on roulette.

If you will search for “best roulette strategy ever” then you will not be able to find something good ever.

So Google returned me a list of sites which I investigated one by one so really there is nothing!

Also I can  tell you that there people talk about both live and online roulette.

Related to Live Roulette then all is about Steven Hourmouzis Scam

I think if you want to find out more then simple search for next keywords “Steven Hourmouzis”

By the way at this time time this scam has a big network based on roulette forums so just check what should be avoided.

From my side I gave you some information but if you want to find more check the Google.

Related to Online Roulette then I will recommend you to focus on two things related to: free roulette systems and free roulette software also I consider will not be a problem to get some paid roulette software and this only in case the software is capable to run any type of roulette strategies.

Do not play Black Box roulette strategies also do not believe to anything found on the Internet!

Please try to work more on your playing style and use always only open source roulette systems.

What is an Open Source Roulette System?

So this is a roulette strategy available in an open source format or simple to say something where you know what it do.

From my side this format will allow you to know for sure if this is really the best roulette strategy ever.

Just think how inside a hidden source code you will be able to recognize the best roulette strategy ever.

Now about available roulette software.

At this time exist only Roulette Scripter Studio also it Pro Version both capable to play any type of open source roulette systems.

For sure we can find more of such roulette software but I will recommend you to stop on both of them only because each can play any type of roulette systems.

If you look for something simple to  use then any product available on Money Make Machine will be good for you.

Verdict on best roulette strategy ever:

Let end with the fact that nobody will help you for free also do not forgot that 99.99% of all available roulette sites are scams.

Be careful! There does not exist the best roulette strategy ever.

If somebody want to offer you for free the best roulette strategy ever just ask yourself if this is not a roulette scam.

To end I want to tell you that in order to play the best roulette strategy ever you will need the best roulette software ever.

Also be careful because many times the best roulette strategy ever can come inside a big scam this is why check our 2018 roulette scams lists.