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I saw a lot of roulette sites including so called best roulette software.

Now I can say for sure which one really is the best roulette software.

The best roulette software should be not one but several roulette software capable to play any roulette system.

Let start with the Money Maker Machine Full Package which contain roulette software capable to play anything.

Best Roulette Software package contain next products:

  1. RBS – Red & Black Roulette Systems Studio
  2. DCS – Dozen & Columns Roulette Systems Studio
  3. RNG Studio
  4. AVSB
  5. AVSB Pro
  6. X2VS1
  7. X3VS1
  8. X8VS1
  9. RSS – Roulette Scripter Studio | Online Roulette
  10. RSS Pro – Roulette Scripter Studio | Online Roulette
  11. RSS French – Roulette Scripter Studio | French Roulette
  12. RSS Pro French – Roulette Scripter Studio Pro | French Roulette

If you want to play roulette strategies based on simple bets then RBS and DCS is the best choice.

For roulette prediction and analyze I will recommend: RNG Studio, AVSB, AVSB Pro, X2VS1, X3VS1, X8VS1

The last group of products we will call roulette software to create and play scripts.

Such type of products are recommended for any other type of strategies which are not possible to play with the first or second group.

Best roulette software price:

On the time we posted this article the price was 297$ which mean in average 21$ per product which is the best price on whole market.

Beside this you will get one hour of free remote desktop support used to install remotely your products.

Remember: You will not be able to buy there any single products for only 21$ because this is only the package privilege.

But if you finally want only one product then you will have to send an email to support and ask for a special price.

Verdict on best roulette software:

For sure Money Make Machine Full Package is the best roulette software and it keep this rating since 2007.

We do not talk about a simple or single software but about a package which include the most complete solution for any roulette player.

After you will get the best roulette software all you will have to do is to avoid all 2018 roulette scams and you are winner.