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How many of you searching for banned roulette systems think that really will find a banned roulette system?

I am sure a lot but you should know that do not exist banned roulette systems.

Do you think casino have time to analyze how all roulette players play?

For sure not!

Believe me when somebody win a big amount of money the casino for sure may investigate how this was done but not always.

How about people which win every month on roulette something around 1000$-3000$?

Do you think somebody spying on them?

This is a big question and the answer is related to the casino where the players play.

So exist small, average and big casinos.

For a big casino such amount is small.

I think only for a small casino this can generate some questions.

On the other hand do not forgot roulette is a game made first to all to bring profit to casinos and some small % to players.

I saw on some public casinos pages some roulette players which won 14 000$ and more.

Now my question is if these roulette players used banned roulette systems or not?

I will tell you the truth!

Do not exist banned roulette systems which will win in the  long run, so everything which is called banned roulette system is no more than a simple usual roulette system.

If you will ask me if I saw ever a banned roulette system then I will tell you this is a myth.

To winning on roulette you need several roulette systems also several good roulette software.

Possible this combination may be called and be a banned roulette system.

So what do you need to be able to say that you have a banned roulette system?

Nothing more than several roulette software capable to play any type of roulette strategies!

Suggestion: Get RBS + DCS + AVSB + AVSB Pro + RNG Studio + X2VS1 +X3VS1 + X8VS1 + RSS + RSS Pro and believe me you will have the  most complete and advanced solution for any roulette game and do not fall ever into banned roulette system trick.

By the end I want to suggest to focus your attention to the best roulette software also to forgot forever about banned roulette system term.