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AVSB Pro Console Full Guide


AVSB Pro Console represent an application based on A2 project.

A2 project - the goal of this project was to develop an application based on numbers analyze that will suggest the next roulette element to bet. This is a new technology used to beat online roulette and the results we received pointed us the direction where we should move also what else we should improve in order to get better results.


Is this technology applied only to Black/Red roulette elements?

Sure not. This method can be applied for any roulette element but in case of AVSB console we will deal only with Red/Black bettings also with the progressions based on two roulette elements + zero.


So how works this console?

First of all I want to point to the main elements of this console: online casino, your RNG, Your palette, your analyze method.

All is very simple.

1. You select the casino where you want to play.

2. You select the RNG will fight against Online Casino RNG.

3. You set your palette.

4. You set your analyze method.

5. You start a new session.


Now let explain how all this work step by step.

So you started AVSB Pro - Console. Now click on START button and the application will start.



In order to set-up properly this console for your first session you should follow next steps:

1. Select Casino

2. Load RNG

3. Set Active Palette

4. Select Analyze mode

5. Click New Session


Before to start to set-up our first session please don't forget to complete your User Profile which will be used for the support procedure.

Once you completed your User Profile we can continue with the set-up of our first session.


So click on 1.Select Casino button and a new form will open.

This is a form that will allow you to set-up the casino you will play including used chips.


Below you can see what will happen in the console after you selected the casino where you want to play.


The next step is to select the RNG which will fight against Your Online Casino RNG.

So this software is based on idea that online casino RNG may beat only another RNG.


So click on Load RNG button and a new form will open. This is a database of available RNG's.

Here you have several options like:to select and already existing RNG or to use Default RNG.

If you want to use Default RNG then simply click on Ok button otherwise uncheck the "Use Default RNG"checkbox and select the RNG you want to use and finally click Ok button.


After you will do this the info about active RNG will be displayed in the console.


Next step is to select the palette you want to use and for this we will click on Palette button.

After we will do this a new form will be dsiplayed.


This is a palette configuration module.


Using this module you will be able to create your own palette or to load an already existing palette.


So this module have next options:

1. Create a new palette. (click on New button)

2. Save current palette. (click on Save button)

3. Save As current palette. (click on Save As button)

4. Load a palette from our remote database. (click on Load button)

5. Delete existing palette. (click on Delete button)

6. Make the current palette active and use it. (clikck on "CLICK HERE TO MAKE THIS PALETTE ACTIVE")


How to create a new palette?

In order to create a new palette you should click on New button located on the bottom of this module.