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Money Maker Machine is the biggest auto play roulette software.


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Does not matter how you play or what you play because with the auto play roulette software from Money Maker Machine you will be able to play any type of roulette strategies starting from simple and ending with the most complex.

The best news is that all roulette software are fully automated which mean all you will have to do is to watch how auto play roulette software from Money Maker Machine make money for you!

Really the software are easy to use and does not mean if you are newbie or professional.

For sure you have to select the roulette software to use based on your skills and experience!

For simple roulette strategies we recommend roulette software like: RBS – Red and Black Roulette Systems Studio or DCS – Dozen and Column Roulette Systems Studio. Remember all are auto play roulette software.

All you have to do to start using these products is to choose the casino you want to use and select the roulette strategy you want to play.

Both products RBS and DCS come with a lot of ready to use roulette strategies.

Related to RBS then there are more than 6000 roulette strategies to play.

DCS come with more than 600 ready to use roulette systems.

I suppose some of you may look for roulette prediction software.
If you are looking for such type of roulette products then here we have a lot of them: AVSB, AVSB Pro, X2VS1, X3VS1, X8VS1 and RNG Studio.

In this case you also will have to deal with auto play roulette software!

How about complex roulette strategies?
For playing complex roulette strategies I want to recommend: Roulette Scripter Studio or Roulette Scripter Studio Pro.

The single difference between these two is that the Pro Version can also make an user friendly interface for you.

Again auto play roulette software!

How to be if I want to play on Live Roulette?
I have a good news for you because we have RSS for Live Roulette also RSS Pro for Live Roulette.

I can say even more we have also RSS and RSS Pro for French Roulette.

Note: Related to Live Version please check or ask the seller if the casino did not came with an update because from my experience casino do this every 6 months which mean on the time you will read this article it may not be available anymore.

How about simple Online Roulette?
For such type of roulette please use RSS and RSS Pro simple version.

Where can I get some free roulette scripts?
All free roulette scripts are located  on money maker machine forum downloads zone so just download what you want to play.

Note: At this time Money Maker Machine has for sale 13 products from which 12 products are auto play roulette software.


Money Maker Machine auto play roulette software are the products any roulette player must have!

Does Money Maker Machine offer some other additional services?

First of all I want to tell you that many of our customers look always for some more additional services from us and we really offer them on our Money Maker Machine Services page.