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Artificial Intelligence developments goes into the wrong direction and here I will explain why.

Before to start let see what we have Today and why what all call Artificial Intelligence is no more than a result of a wrong approach.

I will be simple and will explain my idea.

First of all I want to say that this is not my idea or simple the information I have is not mine.

The idea is that all this worked a long time ago and it is related to other civilizations.

So let start with the fact that neural networks is not the main key to artificial intelligence.

Look on neural networks like on big BIO computer micro scheme or better to say on something they are built from.

Let call this BIO hardware for AI.

How about BIO software for AI?

People which now develop so called AI simple try copy somethings related more to hardware than to software for AI.

Just think in this industry are pumped a lot of funds but the results tend to zero.

Why? Wrong approach!

I can say even more: the first correct approach for artificial intelligence will be formulated by somebody which will start all this from the start and will not benefit from all these billions.

Forget about all so called experts in artificial intelligence because all they will fail or already failed.

Finally why they should not fail when they got a wrong approach?

Do you think some Todays companies which work on AI will succeed?

Sure not because all started from a wrong approach and the result is what we have Today.

So again all system based only on neural networks never will be intelligent!

I know you try to copy hardware for AI but who will make the software for AI?

Your mistake is that what you think may be the the software for AI is no more than hardware for AI.

So how much time may need somebody which started with the correct approach?

I think the development may take several years inside a small team plus a several millions budget.

How about many billions of lost money?

Money are lost always and this is why a non intelligent investors can not get an intelligent system. If you have a system which you consider is intelligent just get RNG Studio from Money Maker Machine and find the RNG Secret otherwise you do not have there something intelligent.