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The last time we talked about AG-Sleeper roulette system so now is the time to get a look on something more advanced called AG Sleeper Plus Roulette System.

Click here for AG – Sleeper roulette system review

AG – sleeper plus roulette system is a result of many suggestions and improvements.

As I said on previous review  help can be found on the site in the Project Support – Quick Links Section.

There is a button “Get Help>“. Click on it and you will go to forum support board.

Start a topic and receive help from the owner or coder.

Usually the owner and the coder is the same user.

Below you can see how look this support board.

Please find here a main topic which contain full roulette system description.

So this is AG Sleeper Plus Roulette System..

There can be found a general description.

If you may have some more questions please reply to the base topic.

Beside of the support boards we have also some videos which are available on the site.

Watch the video and I think you will understand how to use any of our available roulette systems.

Do not forget that our forum has a section called “Roulette Projects“.

Please use it to get support for any of our systems.

Find the system you need and start a support topic.

Also if the main topic exist then you can simple reply on it.

If what you want to ask is something specific then feel free to start a new topic.

Also you can request there some more features. Believe me you will get them.

For all who do not know, any of these systems can be run only if you have roulette player software.

Let suppose you already have it. Now all you have to do is to find the system you want to play and click on Run button.

Bellow are some screens related to AG – Sleeper Plus roulette system.