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Today I will review X8VS1 roulette software and let see if it can be the most advanced roulette analyze software.

What I mean by an advanced roulette analyze software?

So this is a software which suggest the next color to bet based on previous results.

It come from Money Maker Machine which is the biggest roulette software provider.

I am sure almost of you already used products from this provider otherwise you are a loser but if not, then you for sure know about what I talk.

Now back to this advanced roulette analyze software.

On Money Maker Machine site are also many other roulette analyze software so why then this software is so advanced or better let see how different it is to others.

Let compare this advanced roulette analyze software with: AVSBAVSB ProX2VS1X3VS1.

Related to RNG Studio then we will not compare anything because it come as an add on to all roulette software highlighted above.

For a roulette newbie this really will look very hard to understand but once I know what is all about I will try to explain all these things in a very simple and common manner.

So AVSB and AVSB Pro are based on one analyze module.

X2VS1 is based on two analyze modules which run in parallel mode.

X3VS1 is based on three analyze modules which run in parallel mode.

Now the last X8VS1 is based on eight analyze modules which also run in parallel mode.

The best news is that X8VS1 contain all the features have AVSB, X2VS1 or X3VS1 and even much more.

I simple wanted to say that X8VS1 can do anything can do all other products.

Finally not this is the most important thing!

The most powerful thing represent these eight analyze modules which run in parallel mode!

I think you have to use it to understand what is all about.

Now only be sure X8VS1 is really number one most advanced roulette analyze software of all times.

Verdict on advanced roulette analyze software: I am sure X8VS1 from Money Maker Machine is the most advanced roulette analyze software I ever seen. I recommend it to all interested and focused on roulette analyze idea.

Also I want to recommend you some other advanced analyze roulette software based on the same idea.

Check all them on Money Maker Machine site.