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X2VS1 - Full Guide

Welcome to our first X2VS1 Full Guide
x2vs1 start
After you will click on Start button, X2VS1 will start.
Before to continue with our guide let see what can do X2VS1.
First of all you should know that this is a software based on numbers analyze even if it place bets on Red and Black.
You should know that we have also some other software based on numbers analyze.
I talk about AVSB,AVSB Pro, X3VS1, X8VS1 also about RNG Studio which is used to create rng modules.
So you started X2VS1 now let see how it should be configured properly.
x2vs1 main
1. Select Casino
x2vs1 select casino
So just click on "Select Casino" button and a new form will show up.
x2vs1 select casino
The most important thing here is to select the right casino and enter correctly the chips.
In order to understand how this should be done correctly I will show you also the casino roulette table.
x2vs1 roulette table configuration
Another option I want to explain is called "Use New Roulette Table Version"
x2vs1 use new roulette table version
How to know if your casino roulette table is old or new?
In order to explain this I will suggest to do next: bet 1$ in the same time on red and black and spin.
1. If Clear Bets button and Rebet button use the same position then this is the Old Version.
2. If Spin button and Rebet button use the same position then this is the New Version.
More about this you can find also on our forum where I made a topic:
Click here to find out how to recognize your casino roulette table version.
If you still will have some questions feel free to enter on forum and ask me there more about this.
2. Select RNG 1 and RNG 2
Why we may need two RNG modules?
If you used AVSB before then possible you know how to play with one rng module.
Now may raise a question why we may need two rng modules and how them will play together?
During the game software will use only one rng module called active rng module and it will be selected by the player but in the same time will remain a real time option to switch from one analyze module to another.
x2vs1 load rng
Once you will click on that button a new form will pop up.
Let suppose that we already know which are these two rng modules also that we checked both with RNG Studio.
x2vs1 load rng 1
Simple select the rng you want to use and be carefull to not select the same rng twice or to not select a bad rng.
In order to find out which rng is good or bad please check our rng studio tutorial.
Now let select also the second rng module.
x2vs1 laod rng 2
Now you can see the result in X2VS1 main console.
x2vs1 ready rng
3. Set Game Progression
Even if X2VS1 is an analyze software it is not always capable to suggest the right color to bet from the first time this is why we will use a progression based on up to 12 steps.
x2vs1 set progression
Click on "Set Progression" button and set your own progression.
x2vs1 8 steps progression
As you see we set a progression starting from 1$ but you should know that the casino allow progressions starting even from 10 cents so set it based on your avalable casino balance.
Also please set the number of steps you want to play. This will represent a stop point for your progression.
Now you can see your progression in X2VS1 Main Console.
x2vs1 ready progression
Once the progression was set let move forwardand and set Analyzer Type
4. Set Analyze Type for X2VS1
In order to set analyze type for X2VS1 please click on "Set Analyzer" button.
x2vs1 set analyze type
A new form will pop up so you can select the analyze type will suit the best your needs.
x2vs1 analyze type
I know you will want to select the most advanced and powerfull analyze but please check your computer performance before to do this.
For example Complex Analyze require 5 times more time to perform than a Simple Analyze also 6 Bit Code Analyze is more advanced than 5 Bit Analyze Code.
For our demonstration purpose I selected Simple Analyze [5 - BIT CODE]
x2vs1 analyze ready
Looks like all is done and we can start our first session but befor to start I want to show you some other features like "Use Real Money Simulator", "SW" feature and "BK" feature but let I explain you each one by one.
Use Real Money Simulator
This is a very useful feature for real money mode when you want to check your strategy without to place any real money bets. For testing purpose you can check this function also in fun mode so when you will play in real money mode you will know what is all about.
x2vs1 real money simulator
Switch Analyze
As you know X2VS1 use always only one active analyze module so you always can switch from one analzye module to another by clicking on "SWITCH ANALYZE:1->2" or "SWITCH ANALYZE:2->1" button.
x2vs1 switch analyze module button
This process can be fully automated via check boxes from ACTIVE PLAYING MODULE.
x2vs1 switch active analyze module
As a sign to change the active analyze module can serve the step number and a set of check boxes related to a specific step. I think you have to test this feature real time and see what is all about.
Break Points
What represent Break Points?
Just think that your analyze modules start to not work properly.
How you will know about this?
The analyze module will not be able to pick the right color during several steps.
In order to control and know when this will happen you can use break points.
Any break point is related to a specific step so when the strategy will get to a specific step the software will let you know about this also will allow you to suggest a correction or to leave the suggestion made by an active analyze module.
x2vs1 break points
I recommend to check this feature in fun mode so when you will play in real money mode you will know what is all about
Let start our first session.
x2vs1 new session
Click on "New Session" button. Enter start balance and the amount you want to win and you are ready to start.
If you consider I missed something please let me know on: support@money-maker-machine.com
Also feel free to check this tutorial from time to time maybe it was updated.
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