As you know any product should come with a good support otherwise it will stop to be good.
The product owner not always may know about the users problems, this is why we decided to open several services which come to make our support procedure one of the best.
Live Help
This service are for all who need an instant answer.
If at least one of our Live Help Operators will be online, then you will receive an instant answer, otherwise you will be able to leave us a message and we will answer to it once we will be online.
Remote Desktop Support
This service is only for our customers which may experiment different technical problems while using our products.
For such type of support we use a special software which will allow us remotely to connect to user computer and to solve any technical problem quickly. read more...
This service are for all who want to see our products in action.
Such service is better than any trial or demo because beside of watching our products presentation you also will be able to ask and receive answers from our Live Help Operator. read more...
This service is for the owners of RSS and RSS Pro which want to automate their own strategies but don't have skills or time for this. So if you need such service then you should contact us. read more...
This service is for all who want to improve their gaming skills. This is a paid service where you pay from 10$ to 20$/hour for the time our operator will spend with you. The benefice of this service is that you will learn quickly how to use properly any of our products and will be able to start quickly playing and win on roulette. read more...
While almost of the sellers try to come with the trials or demos we decided to not do this common mistake and instead of this we offer full version of all our products for the period of one month. Do not forgot these products are for roulette this is why any limits or restrictions are not acceptable. read more...
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