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Lesson 7. First script based on a real system.
First script based on a real system. (Practice and write a real script using all information from previous lessons.)

In this lesson I will show you an example of simple script that was written based on all information from previous lessons.
The only things I have added are the next:
1. function delay - it is used on clear the table from the REBET button.
2. conversion function IntToStr - it is used to print the numbers (ex: balance).

So the system is simple - it wait for HIGH not to land for X spins in a row (I have set it = 6, and you may change it).
Then it place only 1 bet on HIGH(I have set = $1).
At any result the script again wait HIGH not to land X spins in a row.
The script will stop in 2 cases:
1. in case it reach the wishing amount.
2. in case it reach the stop loss.

In this script you may change the values of alert, bet_value, start_amount, wish_amount, stop_loss.
So you may do the changes in the next lines: line10, line11, line 14, line18, line 21, line23, line33.
You need only to copy the next code into the RSS, change the casino window name, and other changes, open the casino window, and press Run button.

{Script that bet 1 chip on sleeping high.}

var start_amount, wish_amount, amount, spin_count, was_betting, stop_loss;
var didnt_apear, bet_value, alert, last_number;

  {Wait for high not to hit in "X" times, and then bet only 1 bet on high, then again wait.}

  didnt_apear:=0; //indicate how much spins the element didn't land
  alert:=6; //indicate how much spins we must wait for high didn't apear
  bet_value:=1; // bet value

  //enter the start_amount
  amount:=start_amount;//current amount became start_amount

  //enter how much you want to increase your start_amount

  //enter the stop_loss, if stop_loss=0 it will not be used, with other words stop_loos will be the end of balance
  stop_loss := start_amount-10;

  set_roulette_window_name('Roulette Pro - Casino Tropez'); //set roulette window name

  spin_count:=1; was_betting:=1;

while amount<wish_amount do begin //begin of a loop
  if (was_betting=1) then begin delay(300);click_chip2();click_red();delay(300);click_chip2();click_even();delay(600);click_clear_bets(); end;//clear the table from REBET button

  if didnt_apear>=alert then begin //here we check if high didn't apear the wished spins
    print('Start betting on high.');
    click_chip2(); //select needed chip here we must check that chip1=bet_value
    click_high(); // place selected chip on the HIGH
    was_betting:=1; //indicate that we have place a bet
  if was_betting=0 then ide_delay:=200;//the speed of free spins. Very small value increase the speed but may pause the script itself, you can try 150

  click_spin; //make a spin
  last_number:=get_last_number(); //assign to the variable last_number the value of landed number

  if (last_number>=19)and(last_number<=36) then begin//we check that we we have the high number
    didnt_apear:=0;//in case the high land counter is again 0
    if was_betting=1 then begin // here we check we we have bet
      amount:=amount+bet_value;//in case the high win we increase the amount
      print('We have bet $'+IntToStr(bet_value)+' on high and win.');
  end else begin
    if was_betting=1 then begin
      amount:=amount-bet_value;//in case the high lose we decrese amount with how much we bet
      print('We have bet $'+IntToStr(bet_value)+' on high and lose.');
      didnt_apear:=0;//in case we lose counter is again 0
    end else didnt_apear:=didnt_apear+1;//in case the high didn't land counter is increased

  print('Spin count - '+IntToStr(spin_count)+'. Landed numbrer is '+IntToStr(last_number)+'. Current amount is $'+IntToStr(amount)+'.'); //print useful information
  if amount<=stop_loss then break; //check if we reach the stop_loss
  spin_count:=spin_count+1;//increase the spin count
end; //end of a loop

if not (amount>=wish_amount) then print('The game stops because we reach the stop loss.'+'. Current amount is $'+IntToStr(amount))
                              else print('Congratulations! The game stops because we reach wishing amount.'+'. Current amount is $'+IntToStr(amount));
print('Current amount is $'+IntToStr(amount)+'. Start balance is $'+IntToStr(start_amount)+'. Stop loss is $'+IntToStr(stop_loss)+'. Wishing amount is $'+IntToStr(wish_amount)+'.');
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