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Do you want to create your own Roulette System?

Roulette Scripter Studio first auto play software for online roulette table.

Roulette Scripter Studio can create any type of roulette systems based on all existing roulette elements.
In future to refer to Roulette Scripter Studio we will use it short name RSS.
RSS scripts are written in an open source format and this mean the player can always share, modify or extend them.
With RSS the player can create any possible types of roulette systems based on all roulette elements that will include betting on: numbers, red/black, high/low, odd/even, split bets, street bets, corner bets, line bets, four bet, columns, dozens also combined elements.
This roulette tool represent an auto play software that will follow the commands from the script line by line and always will do all is coded into your script.
RSS can play in all online roulette tables from any online casinos based on Playtech, Playtech - Live Online Roulette, BetVoyager, Real Time Gaming, Microgaming platform.
So it has several important features like auto play and real time landed numbers recognize procedure.
Be careful when you will choose the RSS version for your own online casino because each version is only for a specific platform!
Related to auto play then this mean the software has set of click procedures that will allow you to write code that will click on the roulette elements you may need from your roulette table.
Related to numbers recognize procedure then it will look into your roulette table and will capture the part of the screen related to it and after will run recognize procedure by returning to the player the last landed number.
These two are one of the most important features of the roulette scripter studio.
Also RSS have a set of decisional and loop blocks that will allow you to create any type of structures for your own unique roulette system.
RSS scripting is based on Pascal syntax so in case you can have any questions related to how to code several structures then internet will give you the answer to any of the questions you can have.
Anyway even without internet we have our tutorial and on our forum we just opened a new board called RSS-Coding Zone where our customers may put questions and receive answers from the other.

I want to tell to all that this roulette tool is not for analyze of your roulette system even if it can do this also.

It is supposed to be used to play the most complex roulette systems and this mean the single limitation is only your mind.
For example you can create roulette systems based on active analyze that's mean before to bet on several roulette elements RSS will analyze previous situation and will take the right decision based on your algorithm.
RSS can be extended without any limits via additional libraries that may be released as by our team as by our members so all the user should do is to add the new libraries to his roulette script.
RSS also allow several coders to work in a team while developing the most complex roulette scripts.
People who already used scripting will find coding this tool very easy but the people who never used scripting can learn this very easy using RSS tutorial or by asking the other users who already use it.
If you are professional roulette players then this roulette tool is for you but if you want to become and play like a professional roulette player then it is also for you.
Already have RSS installed?
Let suppose you already have RSS installed on your computer and already started it.
In this case you will see the next form that represent Roulette Scripter Studio IDE or RSS IDE.
As you see RSS IDE consist from 3 zones: Code Explorer, Source Explorer, Console
Code Explorer - is used to enter your script code.
Source Explorer - show all functions, procedures, units used in active script.
Console - will serve like a board that can show real time all active variables.

Now is the time to explain what can do this software but before this I want to present it's menu.

File Menu is used to perform operations with files and in our cases these will be rss scripts or let say your own
roulette systems or even additional routines for your own roulette systems.
As you see from the screenshot you can create one new script or to load an already existing script from
your computer also to save it or even to save it as a new name.
Edit Menu is used to perform operations with your code.
As you know sometimes the code can have a lot of lines and you can need to perform copy/paste of some lines
from one function or procedure to another in order to avoid to write the same code from zero.
In the same time when your code is big you can need to search for a special code or to perform a replace procedure.
Cut, Copy, Paste- are used to operate with your script lines. The functionality is the same like in every text editor.
Find - is used to search for variable, function or procedure. The functionality is the same like in every text editor.
Replace - is used usually to change one old text with the other new . So this work like in every text editor.
Vew menu is used to activate or deactivate the next 3 view zones:code explorer, source explorer, console.
You can use this feature in case you will need more visibility for code explorer instead of source explorer or console.
Debug menu - is the most important part of this software.
It contain a lot of functionality all related to run time process.
Using this menu you can run your own script also to debug step by step your script also to check step by step how
work your script and to find most of the errors during the coding process.
Simply to say this will allow you to check and to avoid later most of the errors.
More info related to every Debug's menu function we will add later.
For now you should know that by pressing Run button you will execute your script.
Help menu at this time contain some functionality related to User Profile and RSS registration process.
Later we may add a quick online help but for now all the help you can find on our site.
Quick toolbar has a set of most used functions during the coding process.
Now when you have a general knowledge about this software we can start the coding process.
Before we will start I want to explain how RSS work and what RSS can do.
RSS can play Online Roulette and this mean it can bet on all roulette elements and can recognize landed numbers.
RSS don't use exe file memory or other methods that deal with memory or casino dll's to read the landed numbers.
It has several functions that works with images so it can recognize landed numbers.
RSS is a bridge between a normal scripter studio and online roulette table. It is based on Pascal scripting.
We also have and Visual Basic scripting IDE for users who want to use this scripting language.
Due to the fact that RSS IDE is based on these well know scripting languages our future customers always will
be able to find tutorials and free code on the internet.
In the world exist more then 100 000 people who use Pascal and Visual Basic.
From our side scripting is the single way that will allow you to make any type of roulette strategies.
Big RSS Tutorial is available only for our customers.
Also we have opened for all our customers a Scripting School and Hot Line Service.
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