Automate your own roulette strategy with Roulette Scripter Studio
If you have in mind a roulette strategy, then it can be fully automated with Roulette Scripter Studio.
What represent Roulette Scripter Studio?
Roulette Scripter Studio or shortly RSS is an auto play roulette tool used to create, test and play your own roulette strategy. All you should do is to select the script and casino and to click on Run button and it will start to play.
Where to get Roulette Scripter Studio?
You can buy Roulette Scripter Studio from products or purchase page.
You should know that one version of RSS can be used only for one specific platform so be careful what you buy.
Roulette Scripter Studio platforms:
1. Roulette Scripter Studio for Playtech (RSS Playtech version)
2. Roulette Scripter Studio for Playtech | Live Roulette (RSS Playtech | Live version)
3. Roulette Scripter Studio for BetVoyager (RSS BetVoyager version)
4. Roulette Scripter Studio for Real Time Gaming (RSS RTG version)
5. Roulette Scripter Studio for Microgaming (RSS Microgaming version)
click here for the complete list of online casinos where you can play with Roulette Scripter Studio
Note: In case of a mistake we will exchange for FREE the RSS version you have to the RSS version you need.
How to get automated your own roulette script?
First of all you should have in mind a strategy or simple to say an idea.
Once you have it please read below and follow the requested steps:
1. Prepare a full description of a roulette strategy you want to automate and sent it to us.
2. We will review it and will let you know how much it cost to automate also how many days this process will take.
3. You send the money and we start the work.
4. Once the script is ready you will receive it also an instruction related to how to use and configure it.
Real Example of how we work and what you will receive:
You will receive two files:
1. Script with the strategy
2. Library for the strategy
How to configure your script?
Sleepers Roulette Script
Pay attention to lines 74-77
This strategy is based on: Red, Column1, single0 and street4
Each of these roulette elements have it's own trigger and progression.
Red - trigger=4, progression=1,2,4,8,...
Column1 - trigger=5, progression=1,1,2,3,4,6,...
single0 - trigger=200, progression=1,1,1,2,2,2,3,...
street4 - trigger=13, progression=1,1,3,4,6,9,...
Now pay attention to line 73
- value of 1 unit - 0.1 dollars (euros, GBP, ...)
- casino window name - “Roulette Pro - Casino Tropez”
Now pay attention to line 82 - here you will find chips declaration.
By changing values from lines 73-77 and line 82 - the script may be adjusted to play on any online casino.
If to modify lines 74-77 then you can add/remove roulette elements used for this strategy.
Example of the same script adjusted to other requirements
Here we have next modifications:
- the value of 1 unit - was changed to 2 dollars - see line 73
- the casino name was changed - see line 73
- the trigger for Red was changed to 14 - see line 74
- the progression for column1 was changed to 1,3,9,27 - see line 75
- were added 2 elements column2 and column3 - see lines 76-77
- was removed single0 and added single22 with trigger=150 - see line 78
- chips values was changed because of a new casino - see line 84
Output Information:
During the game the player is real time informed about the status of each step via a console located on the bottom of the Roulette Scripter Studio. The displayed information will contain base output data also requested custom data.
Roulette Scripter Studio Limits: The single limit is only your imagination !!!
If you already have bought Roulette Scripter Studio, then you are ready to order your first roulette script.
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