RBS | Red and Black Roulette Systems Studio | Pablo Method Quick Start Guide

Testing of this roulette tool 100% worth your time!

For your first test I will recommend Pablo palette based on RNG Limits.
How to start quickly RBS
Step by step guide:
1. Start RBS - Red and Black Roulette Systems Studio
2. Click on Start button
3. Due to the fact that you use RBS in trial mode then only one casino and 10 games are available for test purpose.
In order to select the active casino please click on Select Active Casino button from RSS Control Center.
In case you want to use RBS in full mode then all you should do is to buy RBS Full Version.
This mean you will be able to play using RBS in the next more then 50 online casinos.
In case you want to continue with the RBS Trial version then please read bellow.
Once you did this a new window will open with your available casino.
Let suppose you already have Online Casino and you want to test our roulette tool on this casino.
Finally doesn't matter if you have or not installed this casino on your computer because downloading and installing
it will take you no more then 5-10 minutes.
So start downloading available casino from the official site by typing the site address in your browser.
Note: Please download only English Version Installation because our software can recognize only English Roulette Table.
4. After you will do this the online casino web site will open and will explain everything related to this process.
Let continue from here by considering that you already downloaded and installed casino software
also already made fun or real account.
From my side I will recomend to make both type of accounts.
So you can use fun mode just to see how our auto play software bet on the roulette table and follow any
steps described in the palette.
Related to real mode then you can test all your startegies without money by using real money simulator.
5. The next step is to start online casino and especially roulette window.
Please look on the bottom right side so you will see a button called MENU. Please click on it.
After this a new popup menu will open so please check that you will have the same options like in attached screen.
The most important is to set your roulette game to play in fast mode and this will save you a lot of time in future.
So just set the same settings you see in this screenshot for your roulette window.
The next step is to click on Audio Settings from the same window.
Please set the same settings like in the next screenshot.
So now all is configured properly and ready for your first game using our auto play software.
6. Now let continue with our settings.
So this is what we have now on our desktop.
The goal is to configure properly the casino we plan to use for our current game and this will include next:
1. Put the chips value you see in the casino roulette window into RBS-Select Active Casino form.
2. Put Min/Max value allowed by roulette table into RBS-Select Active Casino form.
Just pay attention at the next image so you will understand how to complette properly this form.
Please complete this form carefully because the chips value can differ from casino to casino.
Once this was done please click OK button.
Now I will advice you to look on your RBS Controll Center so you will see that Online Casino was made active.
7. The next step is to set your active palette.
To do this you should click on Select Active Palette button from Betting Palette Screen
Once you will do this the next form will appear.
Click on Load Palette button
A new form will come up
I recommend to all to test palette with id=459 that is called slow palette.
This palette is based on Pablo method related to roulette systems that play using RNG limits.
Till now nobody have lost using this palette so I recommend it to all.
This is a very slow palette but in the same time it is guaranteed winning palette.
Once you selected the active palette all you should do is to click on OK button.
So this is the configuration for the palette with id=459
Now again click on OK button in order to confirm this palette for your current game.
At this point we already set the casino where we want to play also the palette to use for our active game.
The next step is to start the game itself and you can do this from RBS Control Center
Due to the fact that you use fun mode then I consider you don't need to have real money simulator active.
So we will remove this feature. To do this please uncheck Use Real Money Simulator checkbox.
Now click on New Game button and enter start and end balance
Start balance should be equal with the balance from your casino.
In case you want to make 10$ then End Balance=Start Balance+10
Let say in fun mode you have 2000$ balance and you want to make 10$ then in this case these variables should
have the next values: Start Balance=2000 and End Balance 2010.
After you will do this RBS will start to play and you can simply watch how it do this.
If you want to know more about RBS then I can recommend full guide. Click here for it
If you have any other questions related to RBS then feel free to register on our forum and
to read about our customers experience with RBS also about new released palettes.
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