Order a script for Roulette Scripter Studio
Before to order a roulette script you should have Roulette Scripter Studio.
If you still don't have Roulette Scripter Studio then you can buy it from our products or purchase page.
Usually the price for one script start from 20$ and can go up to 75$ for a complex strategy.
In average the price is around 25$
What will contain the script you will receive?
1. The script will meet fully all your requirements.
2. Eveyrthing will be confidential: your idea, your system, your script.
Default features for any ordered scripts:
1. Detailed information about the game: counter of spins and rounds, information about bets and profit.
2. Possibility to edit next game variables: free spins, progressions, triggers.
3. Additional features: profit target, balance readout, trailing stop loss, spins counter.
4. Each script will have 6 options to run:
- normal mode - play your strategy and do real bets
- simulation mode - play your strategy without bets (useful for real money mode)
- file mode - used to test your strategy with numbers from a file
- random mode - used to test your strategy with random numbers
- rng class mode - used to test your strategy with random numbers generated by RNG-Studio
- your number mode - play your strategy with numbers entered by yourself one by one
5. Whole game process will be saved to a log.
6. All landed numbers during the game will be saved to a file.
7. Each script will be professionaly organized so it will be very easy to edit or modified later.
Required format for description of your roulette strategy.
Step 1
Do 1 free spin. Go to step 2
Step 2 //record dozen
If we land on a dozen - record what dozen landed. (D1, D2 or D3). Go to step3.
If we land on a zero - ignore zero. Go to step 1
Step 3
Do 1 free spin. Go to step4.
Step 4 //record column
If we land on a column - Record what column landed. (C1, C2 or C3). Go to step 5.
If we land on a zero - ignore zero. Go to step 3.
Step 5
Go to step 1.
If steps 1-5 have been completed X times go to step 6.
Example of records - D2, C2, D1, C3, D3, C3. D2. C1, D2, C3, D3, C1.
Step 6
Bet against 1st recorded result. (Example if 1st recorder was D2 - then bet on D1 and D3) Go to step 7.
So total 2 bets per spin.
Step 7
If we win go to step 1.
If we lose go to step 8.
Step 8
Bet against next recorded result. (Example if 2nd recorder was C2 - then bet on columns C1, C3). go to step 7
Final Step.
The script will stop in case:
- we reach the wishing balance
- we reach the stop loss
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