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14 November 2011 - we added on our Download page the first our trial(demo).
Read more about AVSB[LIMITED] - the first our trial(demo) version of AVSB Console.
27 October 2011- new page to our site was added
Create your own Roulette Robot with Roulette Scripter Studio Pro
26 October 2011 - new page to our site was added
Automate your own roulette strategy with Roulette Scripter Studio
26 October 2011 - new page to our site was added
Order a script for Roulette Scripter Studio
20 October 2011 - new portal for RNG Disassembler Project was lanced.
This is the place for all interested in RNG Investigations and development of software for RNG Analysis.
1 October 2011 - new site based on MMM concept for Russian market was lanced.
Roulette-Software-RU.COM is the same MMM but for Russian players.
There we do support and sale Russian version of products available in MMM Network.
6 June 2011 - new site for Roulette Systems Reviews was lanced.
Here you will be able to find only extremale reviews with very high criticism or simple to say our point of view.
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