AVSB [Limited] | Full Guide


I want to pay attention to all that this is AVSB [LIMITED] version and not AVSB Full Version.
This is a special version of AVSB which have next limits:
1. One casino instead of more than 50 available online casinos in Full Version.
2. One RNG instead of more than 2000 000 000 available RNG in Full Version.
3. A simple martingale progression instead of a custom progression in Full Version.
Anyway even with these limits I consider that this version is quite enough to show you what this software do and how it work. If you will need much more futures than this version has, then I recommend you to buy AVSB Full Version and to play for real money using whole power of this product.
How to use AVSB [LIMITED]?
Watch the video
or simple read below how to setup it step by step
So you downloaded and installed this product. Now Run it.
Click on Start button.
Below I will explain step by step what to do.
Click on "1. Select Casino" button.
Now you will need to download the casino where you will be able to test our product.
Click on the red button "Click here to Download FLAMINGO CLUB CASINO"
Click on Run button to save and in the same time to run the casino installation
Click again on Run button so the installation will run
The installation started now click on next button and install it till the end and after make a fun account.
So let suppose you have the casino installed and the casino selection form was completed properly.
The next step is to choose the RNG you will use. So click in application console on "2. Load RNG" button.
Due to the fact that this version has only one RNG-Default RNG then all you should do is to click on "OK" button.
The next step is to click on "3. Progression" button
Here all was set so nothing to do except to click on "ok" button.
The next step is to click on "4. Analyzer" button.
If previous configuration modules had some limits then this module don't have any limits. All you should do is to select one of available methods for sequences analyze and to click on "OK" button.
All was configured so now you can start your own first game with AVSB[LIMITED].
Click on "5 New Session" button
and enter the casino balance
click on "ok" button and the software will start to play for you
As you see each session is only for 5$ to keep you protected.
After the current session will end you can start another new one.
If you will have any other questions related to this version feel free to contact us.
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