Money Maker Machine Affiliate Program
Why Money Maker Machine Affiliate Program is one of the best?
1. We have the best and most advanced products for online and live roulette.
2. All our 14 products represent the most advanced and complete solution for online and live roulette.
3. Any of our products or packages have monthly subscription which mean you can pay to use them for one month.
4. Also you can buy any of our products or packages avoiding subscription. This is one time payment!
5. Beside of individual products we offer also packages which will allow you to get more and pay less.
6. You should know that we offer full automation of any roulette strategies. If you do not know how to write roulette scripts, do not worry because whole job will do one of our profesional coders. All you have to do is to pay the coder.
7. Our customers support is really one of the best. Beside of e-mail and forum support we offer also remote desktop support via Team Viewer. This we consider the best option for a quick and easy start up also this save a lot of time.
8. The conversion rate is 100% in case we have to deal with a roulette player.
Warning: We do not accept sites related to: vouchers, coupons, software downloads directories also any other sites which do not deal directly with us. We simple consider such sites useless.
Who can join our affiliate program?
1. Anybody who have at least one of our products and know how it work.
As you understand you must be one of our customers which will guarantee that you know what you advertise.
Beside of this we hope you will work together with us in advertising and content production.
Simple to say you must be our partner and we will make money together.
Finally do not forgot we both work on one simple and important goal: any roulette player must have our products.
2. You must have a site related only to our products.
Does not matter if you use a paid or free hosting. You may use social networks or video chanels.
For us the most important thing will be to not have there are any other not Money Maker Machine Products.
For sure if your work is related to advertising you can be our partner but please try to dedicate for our products a special place and contribute to it as much as possible.
3. We urgently need partners from different locations.
As you know our presence now are related to English market this is why we are very interested in partners which will promote our products, packages or services on their own local markets.
At this time we have only one serious local market partner which other must follow. You can be next!
I talk about our Russian partner: Roulette-Software-Ru.Com
By the way Russia is a big country this is why we expect to have there many other new partners.
The same I can say about other local markets.
Do not forget you all are welcome here so let start making money together!
If you already have at least one of our products then you can start!
For sure will be better if you will have one of our packages which you will promote.
In this case your revenue will be much more bigger but this is up to you.
Join our Money Maker Machine Affiliate Program Board and start promoting today our products.
money maker machine affiliate
Get 50% commission on every sale you refer!
Our software products are available for sale through the Avangate Affiliate Network.
Guaranteed Affiliate Commission
When a visitor follows a link or banner from your site, Avangate keeps track of your Affiliate ID for 30 calendar days. That's six months during which any order placed by the same user guarantees your affiliate commission.
Monthly payments
You will get your commissions every month, either transferred to your Avangate Prepaid Debit MasterCard or sent via wire transfer, check or PayPal.
Start selling now!
Use every available channel of promotion you have - website, newsletter, etc! Remember - the more referral links you create, the more chances you have to make money from your web site!
If you will have any other questions related to our Affiliate Program feel free to contact us
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